Angiotech is a global medical device company that develops and markets innovative technologies and medical products primarily for local diseases or for complications associated with medical device implants, surgical interventions, and acute injury. The company's initial lead product, the TAXUS® drug-eluting coronary stent -- which was codeveloped and is now sold by Boston Scientific Corporation -- is implanted in over five million patients worldwide.

Since its beginning in 1992, Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has evolved from a global specialty pharmaceutical company to a medical device company and more recently to a wound closure company. During its “specialty pharmaceutical” days Angiotech developed a differentiated R&D effort that focused on drug-medical device combinations for implantable, surgical products and acute trauma applications – this is no longer a focus of Angiotech. However, Angiotech does still own and collect royalties on IP licensed to Boston Scientific Corporation on the sale of TAXUS® paclitaxel-eluting coronary stents for the treatment of coronary artery disease and has recently begun collecting royalties from Cook on sales of the Zilver peripheral vascular stent.

Following the acquisition of American Medical Instruments Holdings, Inc. in 2006, Angiotech expanded beyond its R&D capabilities to encompass the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of single use, specialty medical devices, focused on interventional, surgical and OEM markets.

In April 2013, Angiotech divested its interventional radiology and biopsy medical device business.

In June 2013, Angiotech changed the name of its US subsidiary to Surgical Specialties Corporation (US), Inc., a name that pays homage to the legacy and focus on the scope of operations going forward.