Surgical Specialties Corporation supplies a comprehensive line of wound closure products designed to meet the specific demands of dermatologic surgery and cutaneous oncology. Surgical Specialties™ PLUS sutures are ideal for approximating the delicate tissue of the skin. And the revolutionary Quill™ knotless tissue-closure device has the potential to advance surgical technique in procedures such as Mohs surgery.

Our products provide foundational support for dermatologists with a variety of absorbable and nonabsorbable materials that are attached to needles of superior sharpness, penetration, and strength.


Sharpoint™ PLUS Sutures

Surgical Specialties™ PLUS sutures provide ease of penetration and excellent purchase in delicate tissue.

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Quill™ Device

The Quill™ device allows closure of soft tissue by utilizing its unique barbed design and eliminates the need to tie knots.

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Sharpoint™ Microsuture

Sharpoint™ Microsurgical needles utilize Infinite Edge™ technology, a proprietary process that ensures incision products are consistently sharp and dimensionally true.

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