Surgical Specialties Corporation has been at the forefront of the advancement of microsurgical techniques.

We have designed specialty sutures, knives and training products to facilitate procedures as minute as anastomosis repair and corneal transplants. When everything you do is under the microscope, Surgical Specialties provides the products you need at hand.


Sharpoint™ Microsuture

The stainless-steel wire featured in our Surgical Specialties M.E.T.™ microsuture line strikes the optimal balance between hardness and tensile strength.

The flat-pressed needle body design prevents rotation in the needle holder and provides the surgeon with the control required for a variety of microsurgical procedures.

Surgical Specialties™ M.E.T.™ Microsutures for Urology utilize needles specifically designed for penetrating the tissue layers of the vas deferens. Double arming and shorter suture lengths facilitate suture placement for a more precise mucosal approximation.

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Sharpoint™ Microsurgical Knives

Developed using our unique proprietary process, the Sharpoint™ microsurgical knives provide a clean, uniform edge that effectively minimizes tissue drag and distortion.

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