Ophthalmic Surgery

Surgical Specialties Corporation offers ophthalmic surgeons and healthcare providers the Sharpoint™ line of single-use ophthalmic products. Owing to its precision manufacturing processes, reliability, and history, the Sharpoint™ brand has become recognized globally as a leader in micro-incision technologies.

Surgical Specialties Corporation offers a wide range of products to its Sharpoint™ brand customers in the ophthalmic community in order to support the precise and exacting nature of their surgical practice. Our proprietary manufacturing etching process, Infinite Edge™ technology, eliminates blade grinding and produces cutting edges with consistent sharpness and tolerance, blade after blade.


Sharpoint™ Microsurgical Knives

A comprehensive line of knives and related surgical supplies,  including: Paracentesis incision knives, Phaco incision knives such as Clear Control 3D™, Phaco implant/incision knives, crescent knives, SharpGuard™ guarded knives, Groove and Limbal Relaxation incision knives, vitrectomy knives, and other specialty knives.

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Sharpoint™ Ophthalmic Sutures

A complete line of suture products for ophthalmic surgery.

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Products for Dry Eye Management

Surgical Specialties Corporation provides a selection of both permanent and temporary punctal plugs for dry eye management.

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Quill™ Device

The Quill™ device is now available for use in oculoplasty procedures

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