Orthopedic Surgery

Surgical Specialties Corporation’s orthopedic product line features a wide range of wound closure devices geared to give clinicians the tools to successfully complete any procedure. With Surgical Specialties™ products, we have continued to provide orthopedic surgeons with consistent quality sutures.

Since we launched the Quill™ knotless tissue-closure device in 2007, and the unidirectional Quill™ Device in 2013, orthopedic surgeons have been forthcoming in expressing ways in which we can continue meeting their suturing needs especially in the area of joint replacement. With comprehensive training programs available and valuable clinical feedback from orthopedic surgeons, Surgical Specialties Corporation has continued to expand its Quill™ device inventory to satisfy the advancements in orthopedic surgery closure.


Quill™ Device

The Quill™ device secures closure of soft tissue by utilizing its unique barbed design and eliminates the need to tie knots.

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Sharpoint™ PLUS Sutures

Sharpoint™ PLUS sutures provide effective closure, with needles providing ease of penetration and excellent tissue purchase.

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Surgical Specialties™ Bone Wax

A staple of the medical industry, Surgical Specialties™ Bone Wax is soft, easy to form and apply.

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