Plastic Surgery

At Surgical Specialties Corporation, we strive to deliver the best tools in order to meet the aesthetic and reconstructive needs of the plastic surgeon. The Quill™ knotless tissue-closure device offers a truly knotless approach to soft tissue approximation that has both significantly reduced closure times and improved scar formation and cosmesis.

Additionally, Surgical Specialties Corporation continues to offer a wide range of quality, cost-effective, traditional suture products. We are proud to also offer the UltraGlide™ needle design, a premium needle type that provides plastic surgeons with enhanced incision and healing characteristics.


Quill™ Device

The Quill™ device secures closure of soft tissue by utilizing its unique barbed design and eliminates the need to tie knots.

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Sharpoint™ PLUS Sutures

Sharpoint™ PLUS sutures provide effective closure, with needles providing ease of penetration and excellent tissue purchase.

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