Elevating Choice In Sutures

At Surgical Specialties, we don’t believe anyone should have to choose between quality and value. For over 40 years, we’ve been developing and manufacturing high-performance sutures and surgical needles that offer a better choice. Precision engineered solutions, competitively priced and delivered with a level of service, quality and support we believe every customer deserves.

In addition to selling our Quill, Sharpoint, and LOOK brands of sutures globally, Surgical Specialties is a highly regarded supplier of private label finished goods. Through our Pearsalls, FSSB, and SSC360° business units, we are integral partners in the development and manufacturing of OEM suture and needle components and completed devices to many of the leading medical device companies and distributors from around the world—proof that our ongoing commitment to excellence, value and customer-driven service is the right choice for us, and our customers.

With our headquarters in Westwood, Massachusetts, sales teams in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Mexico, England, Germany, and China, we are truly a global partner to clinicians, distributors, and device companies.