Increase Patient Throughput and
Profitability with a Time-Saving
Closure Device.


The increasing prevalence of skin cancer is driving demand for dermatologic surgery in the United States, which means more patients in your clinic.

To accommodate this surgical demand, you can either work longer hours, hire more employees — or you can improve efficiency with the products, tools, and resources you use, including sutures.

What if you could significantly reduce the reconstruction
time and completely eliminate the suture removal?

We’ll show you how.

An Example Of A Typical Dermatology Practice

Let’s break down the patient volume of a surgeon

  • 6 surgical excisions daily
  • 4 days of excisions per week
  • 1,200 procedures annually

Excision Time Study

60 Minutes per patient on average

Pie Chart

A surgeon can perform up to 400 more cases per year
which results in $90,000 of additional revenue.


Reduce Reconstruction
Time By Up To 40%.

Replace the interrupted stitch with a running stitch. Quill® barbed suture eliminates the need to tie time-consuming knots because the barbs hold the wound edges together.

Eliminate Suture Removal
and Save 10 Minutes.

Quill Monoderm and PDO suture materials are fully absorbable. This means the patient doesn’t need to return to the office for suture removal, eliminating 10 minutes. This time allows the surgeon to take on more cases, which is billable, or tend to other responsibilities.

Eliminate Removal
Save up to 20 Minutes in Total Procedure Time.

For example, if reconstruction time is reduced by 10 minutes and the patient does not return
for suture removal, a surgeon can save up to 20 minutes per patient in total procedure time.

In one day, a surgeon can save a total of 120 minutes,
which yields 2 more patients!

The Profits Outweigh the Additional Spend on Suture.

(Quill® Monderm is comparable to Monocryl® and in this example, we assumed 1x Monocryl® is used in every case.)


Additional Revenue

– $3,200

Additional spend on Quill® Monderm barbed suture.

= $86,000

Net Profit

400 additional cases a year


$228/surgical case

1x Quill Monoderm Price/Suture – $15

1x Monocryl Price/Suture – $13

Differences $2

Annual Procedures X 1,600

Additional Suture Spend $3,200

By switching to Quill®, a surgeon can perform up to 400 more cases per year. With the national reimbursement average of $228 per surgical case, the result is approximately $90,000 of additional revenue.

Now It’s Time To Try
Quill® For Free!

In our  demo kit, you’ll find a training video that demonstrates how to use Quill®. The kit also includes 3 non-sterile Quill® samples and a practice skin pad.

We also have a knowledgeable suture sales team always ready to provide clinical guidance on where and how to use Quill®.

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