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German engineering. Advanced automation. Manufacturing excellence. For more than 20 years, FSSB has set the standard for quality in the manufacture of surgical needles — high-performance AISI 300 stainless steel solutions, customized to individual needs for use in a range of procedural areas. In 2016, FSSB became part of Surgical Specialties, creating one of the largest OEM surgical needle manufacturers in the world.

Automating Excellence

Through manufacturing facilities in Jestetten and Poessneck, Germany, FSSB has been at the forefront of automation in needle manufacturing. A recent investment and expansion of custom-built, automated workstations has significantly increased capacity, enabling us to deliver even more advanced drilled end needle solutions with exceptional quality and highly competitive prices. In addition, the consistency derived from the automated needle manufacturing process enables improved suture attaching results during assembly operations.

Needle Materials/Ranges

All FSSB needles are precision manufactured with advanced robotic technology and meticulously inspected for quality assurance. We use only AISI 300 stainless steel, with the highest hardness to ensure superior bending resistance with maximum ductility.

We manufacture in all common sizes and geometries and can customize according to specific customer needs.

Coating Options

Our standard needles feature a proprietary silicone coating process, which maintains low penetration forces over multiple passes. Our advanced P Micro Finish coating process, which provides optimal penetration force, pass after pass, is available on needles with reverse cutting, taper point and taper cutting tips.

In addition to the standard stainless steel finish, we offer a Black finish, designed to improve visibility in the surgical field. The Black finish is available on all of our needles and can be coated with either our standard silicone or our P Micro Finish (regular needles only) processes.

Micro Needles

FSSB is the recognized expert in micro needle design and production, supplying over 60 manufacturers’ worldwide. The highest quality 300 series stainless steel is used to produce various needle styles including spatula, taper point, taper cutting, reverse cutting and soft cutting point. All needle bodies are squared with the exception of the reverse cutting micro needles, which feature a triangular body and channeled end.

Personalized Attention

While automation has continued to grow and advance, how we work with customers remains the same. From short-run, highly customized specialty orders, to long-term, large-scale relationships, we are committed to delivering attentive, responsive and flexible service.

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