Choosing the right wound closure products is especially critical in dermatologic surgery. We offer proven solutions designed to enhance your technique and optimize your outcomes. Available in absorbable and non-absorbable materials, each suture features a line of needles developed specifically for dermatologic reconstruction.


Security With Every Stitch,
Savings With Every Suture

  • Offers faster wound closure times
  • Eliminates the need for a surface suture
  • Improves cosmesis by eliminating train-track scars common to traditional sutures
  • Security of an interrupted stitch with the speed of a running stitch
  • Barbs help evenly distribute wound tension across the closure
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Quill Monoderm for Dermatologic Reconstruction
Quill for Dermatologic Recontruction After Excision
Melanoma Excision using Quill Knotless Tissue Closure

Choose Excellence,
Expect Value

  • A dedicated portfolio of products developed specifically around the specific needs and expectations of dermatologists
  • Offer effective closure, ease of penetration and excellent purchase in delicate tissue common to dermatologic procedures
  • Proven performance with a competitive price
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