EXPRESS GUT Plain 5-0 Natural 1x18'' PC-1



Product Details
SKU: B1915N
MATERIAL: Express Gut
LENGTH: 45cm
NEEDLE: PC-1; Precision Conventional Cutting; 13mm; 3/8 Circle
ARMS: Single Arm
COLOR: Natural

Made of first quality raw material, Catgut ensures a dependable and predictable absorption and an extremely high tensile strength. Every strand is precision polished to a uniform diameter, permitting smooth and secure knotting. Available in plain and chromic.


  • Plain and Chromic
  • Packaged in Wetting Solution

Common Uses:

  • General Closure
  • OB/Gyn
  • Urology
  • Bowel Anastomosis

In Vivo Strength Retention: 

  • Varies

Mass Absorption:

  • Varies depending upon type of suture (plain vs. chromic) and site of placement