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Product Details
SKU: M496N
MATERIAL: PolySyn FA (Polyglycolic Acid)
LENGTH: 45cm
NEEDLE: PS-2; Precision Reverse Cutting; 19mm; 3/8 Circle
ARMS: Single Arm
COLOR: Undyed

The extraordinarily smooth, low friction proprietary coating reduces tissue drag. These synthetic absorbable sutures ensure closure through the critical wound healing period. They retain approximately 48% of their high initial strength at 7 days and 0% of their strength at 14 days. Available as undyed or violet braided and violet monofilament.


  • Undyed (clear)
  • Coated

Common Uses: 

  • General Closure
  • OB/Gyn
  • Urology

In Vivo Strength Retention: 

  • 48% at 7 days
  • 0% at 14 days

Mass Absorption:

  • Essentially complete between 49 and 63 days