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Close wounds up to 50% faster by eliminating knot tying.

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Surgeries can be expensive and time-consuming.

In many cases, the closure takes longer than the procedure performed. Shortening closure times will reduce overall surgical costs. Tying and relying on suture knots poses both challenges and risks costing money and your time. Knots and suture tags left behind are commonly the cause of the surgical site complications and irritation. Quill Veterinary barbed suture increases practice efficiency by reducing closure times.

Go Faster. Go Knotless.

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The modern veterinary practice is a busy place. Costs are rising customers are not only looking for
answers but for value. Barbed suture technology helps you to continue giving the very best care to
your patients, and value to pet owners.

What is Quill Veterinary Barbed Suture?

Quill Vet barbed suture secures your closures at every point and every plane along the suture line. The unique structure of Quill spreads tension and holding force evenly throughout the wound to create a watertight close without needing to bury knots or leave suture tags to irritate the patients. Thus, eliminating knot-tying and irritating suture tags.

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Where to Use Quill Vet Barbed Suture

It can be used in any procedure requiring tissue approximation. Below is a list of examples.

Body Wall Closures

Soft Tissue


How to Use Barbed Suture in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Anchor the Suture

With the Quill needle, take initial bite of tissue on either side of the apex of the wound. Then pass the needle through the variable loop. Cinch down to engage the barbs at the fixation point.

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Run the Stitch

Continue to approximate the tissue in a running fashion until the opposite end of the wound is reached. Use care to approximate the tissue and not strangulate.

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Lock the Stitch

Secure the end by employing a backstitch or two, exit laterally and cut flush with the skin once approximation is complete.

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Video Resources

Quill Vet Uni-Directional Suturing Technique

TPLO Plate Removal Closure with Bi-Directional Quill Vet Sutures
Canine Midline Closure after Mass Cell Tumor Removal with Quill Vet Sutures

Commonly Asked Questions

With automated technology, Quill manufacturing starts with a traditional suture strand. Barbs are precisely carved in a helical pattern around the strand. For every inch of material, the spiral wraps around the suture five times giving 360 degrees of engagement every 1/4 inch of the suture. This ensures fixation at every point and every plane throughout a wound closure.

Quill Veterinary sutures come in three materials commonly used in Veterinary medicine. PDO, for 6 weeks wound support; Monoderm for 3 weeks wound support, and Polypropylene for permanent placement in tissue. The strength and absorption times are predictable and stable.

At the end of the incision line, take a few bites of tissue in the reverse direction to lock the barbs in place.  Then, exit the wound perpendicular to the incision line and cut flush. See step-by-step-instruction guide.

Switching to Quill Vet is easy with our free trial kit and personalized service. We will guide you in finding the right size and needles to fit your practice. Simply contact us, we will assist you in sizing and needle configurations. Or visit our online store.

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