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Why TruStitch?

  • Guaranteed 20-40% savings over industry leader.
  • Premium, consistent, German-engineered needles.
  • Broad choice of high-quality suture materials.
  • Racetrack packaging to reduce memory.
  • Free sampling program for evaluation.
  • Easy conversion process with a suture specialist.
  • 100% money-back quality guarantee.
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Needle Performance

Corza Medical has been at the forefront of automation in needle manufacturing, with German-designed robotics delivering unmatched consistency. For over 20 years, our needles have been engineered for strength, sharpness, and ductility providing consistency with each pass.

Also available in TruStitch Black:

TruStitch Black:
Engineered with a proprietary midnight black needle. This glare reducing needle enhances visibility in challenging surgical fields by reduced reflections from laparoscopic and operating room lighting.

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TruStitch Packaging

The TruStitch packaging simplifies device delivery to the sterile field.

  • Reduces suture memory
  • Easy needle arming
  • Clear identification
  • Single foil barrier eliminates packaging waste
  • Recyclable polypropylene tray

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