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Performance isn’t a trade-off between quality and price. TruStitch Veterinary sutures offer remarkable value with a level of quality and precision comparable to significantly more expensive brands.

Performance starts with the needle

  • German-engineered needles with superior sharpness, penetration and strength characteristics
  • Manufactured with automated, robotic technology for consistency and repeatability
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Needle Performance

German Engineering, advanced Automation. For more than 20 years, our needles have been the standard of quality in the manufacture of surgical needles. Surgical Specialties has been on the forefront of automation in needle manufacturing with German designed robotics delivering unmatched consistency. Our needles are designed for optimal performance. Each one is forged from a proprietary stainless steel alloy for maximum strength, ductility and hardness.

Also available in TruStitch Black:

TruStitch Black:
Engineered with a proprietary midnight black needle. This glare reducing needle enhances visibility in challenging surgical fields by reduced reflections from laparoscopic and operating room lighting.

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TruStitch Packaging

The TruStitch packaging simplifies device delivery to the sterile field.

  • Reduces Suture Memory
  • Easy Needle Arming
  • Clear Identification
  • Single Foil Barrier Eliminates Packaging Waste
  • Recyclable Polypropylene Tray

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Available in a range of sizes and configurations, our products are designed to deliver the reliable performance you need to ensure optimal outcomes no matter the specialty or procedure

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