VETERINARY Materials Guide

Chromic Gut for Veterinary

Made of first quality raw material, Catgut ensures a dependable and predictable absorption and an extremely high tensile strength. Every strand is precision polished to a uniform diameter, permitting smooth and secure knotting.


  • Plain & Chromic
  • Packaged in Wetting Solution

In Vivo Strength Retention:

  • Varies

Mass Absorption:

  • Varies depending upon type of suture (plain vs. chromic) and site of placement

Monoderm™ for Veterinary (polyglycolic acid and e-caprolactone)

Comparable to Monocryl and Caprosyn

This synthetic absorbable monofilament has excellent pliability and handling characteristics. At 7 days it retains 42 – 76% tensile strength, 36 – 52% at 14 days and is essentially absorbed at 90 days. These characteristics make it very popular for subcuticular closure and soft tissue approximation. Available in violet.


  • Dyed (violet)

In Vivo Strength Retention: 

  • 42-76% at 7 days
  • 36-52% at 14 days

Mass Absorption:

  • Essentially complete by 90 days

PDO for
Veterinary (polydioxanone)

Compares to PDS II

This synthetic absorbable monofilament indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation but not for use in cardiovascular or neurological tissues, microsurgery or ophthalmic surgery. At 14 days it retains 80 – 90% tensile strength, 60 – 82% at 28 days, 47 -79% at 42 days and essentially absorbed between 180 and 220 days. Available in dyed (violet).


  • Dyed (violet)

In Vivo Strength Retention:

  • 80% to 90% at 14 days
  • 60% to 82% at 28 days
  • 47% to 79% at 42 days

Mass Absorption:

  • Essentially complete between 180 and 220 days

Polysyn™ for Veterinary (polyglycolic acid)

Comparable to VICRYL and Polysorb/Dexon

The extraordinarily smooth, low friction proprietary coating reduces tissue drag. These synthetic absorbable sutures ensure closure through the critical wound healing period. They retain approximately 50% of their high initial strength at two weeks and 20% of their strength at three weeks.


  • Dyed (violet)

In Vivo Strength Retention: 

  • 50% at 14 days
  • 20% at 21 days

Mass Absorption:

  • Essentially complete between 50 and 90 days.

Nylon for

Ethilon and Monosof/Dermalon

The monofilament Nylon is a polyamide suture with characteristic high tensile strength. The uniform smooth surface permits easy passage through tissue. Available in black, blue and clear.


  • Dyed (blue)(black)


  • Passes easily through tissue

Polypropylene for Veterinary

Comparable to Prolene and Surgipro/Surgilene

Inert, easy to handle and passes easily through tissue.


  • Dyed (blue)


  • Inert
  • Easy to handle
  • Passes easily through tissue