Speed of a running stitch.
Security of an interrupted stitch.
Value price of a traditional suture.

Go Knotless.

A time-saving closure device that eliminates the need to tie knots to secure the closure.

  • No knots to bury eliminating irritation caused by suture tags.
  • Intuitive, easy to use design with no change to standard technique of running suture.
  • As much as a 50% reduction in closure times has been reported with using Quill suture.

Create a better wound healing environment with a watertight close.

  • Superior needle sharpness with German-engineered needles
  • Eliminates the need of a surface suture or glue
  • Cost comparable to common veterinary suture

Common uses:

  • Surgical and traumatic wound closure
  • Joint capsule repair
  • Jejunal and colonic enterotomy
  • Gastrotomy
  • Prophylactic laparoscopic incisional gastropexy
  • Intestinal anastomoses
  • Cystotomy
  • Tendon repair
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Quill Veterinary Configurations

Quill comes in two barb configurations; uni-directional and bi-directional.

Both feature a unique high-density helical barbed structure with 42 barbs per inch which facilitates healing by grasping the tissue at all planes throughout the wound and spreading tension evenly. Very useful for eliminating dead space.

Uni-directional Quill is a single armed suture.  The suture is anchored using the adjustable loop at the apex of the wound.

Bi-directional Quill is a double-armed suture.  Barbs reverse direction at the mid-point of the suture.

Choose your length.

All sizes come in thee different lengths.

How QUILLVeterinary Barbed Suture Works

Step 1
Anchor the Quill Device

With the Quill device needle, take initial bite of tissue. Then, pass the needle through the variable loop. Cinch down to engage the barbs at the fixation point.

Step 2
Run the Stitch

Continue approximating the tissue in a running fashion until the opposite end of the wound is reached. The barbs retract for delivery and then engage for fixation.

Step 3
Lock the Stitch

Secure the end by employing a few backstitches and cut the remaining Quill flush with the tissue to complete. If approximating the subcuticular layer, exit laterally and cut flush with the skin.

Case Study Videos

Watch the videos below to see real-world use of Quill products

Quill Vet midline lateral closure. See how Quill Vet approximates tissue after Mast Cell Tumor removal.

TPLO plate removal closure with Quill Vet bi-directional

How Quill Veterinary works

Needle Performance

German Engineering, advanced Automation. For more than 20 years, our needles have been the standard of quality in the manufacture of surgical needles. Surgical Specialties has been on the forefront of automation in needle manufacturing with German designed robotics delivering unmatched consistency. Our needles are designed for optimal performance. Each one is forged from a proprietary stainless steel alloy for maximum strength, ductility and hardness.

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Quill Veterinary Packaging

Quill Veterinary packaging simplifies device delivery to the sterile field.

  • Reduces Suture Memory
  • Protects Barbs
  • Easy Needle Arming
  • Clear Identification
  • Single Foil Barrier Eliminates Packaging Waste
  • Recyclable Polypropylene Tray

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