Speed of a running stitch.
Security of an interrupted stitch.

The Quill barbed suture is a proven wound closure device that eliminates the need to tie knots during soft tissue approximation.

Quill uses a running stitch to hold wound edges together with the strength of an interrupted suture.

The barbs lock the suture in place, maintaining tension the length of the wound.

Why Quill?

  • Produces better apposition.
  • Improves cosmesis.
  • Eliminates knots for a faster close.
  • Requires less foreign material, no knots under the skin.
  • Avoids irritating staples.
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Perfect for:

  • Intradermal closures
  • TPLO closure
  • Mass Removal
  • Laceration repair
  • Cystotomy
  • Gastropexy

Quill Veterinary Configurations

Quill comes in two barb configurations; bi-directional and uni-directional.

Bi-directional Quill is a double-armed suture.  Barbs reverse direction at the mid-point of the suture.

Uni-directional Quill is a single armed suture.  The suture is anchored using the adjustable loop at the apex of the wound

How QUILL Veterinary Barbed Suture Works

Step 1
Anchor the suture

With the Quill needle, take initial bite of tissue on either side of the apex of the wound. Then, pass the needle through the variable loop. Cinch down to engage the barbs at the fixation point.

Step 2
Run the stitch

Continue to approximate the tissue in a running fashion until you reach the end of the wound.

Step 3
Lock the stitch

Secure the end using a backstitch or two. Exit laterally and cut flush with the skin once you finish approximation.

Case Study Videos

Watch the videos below to see real-world use of Quill products

TPLO plate removal closure with bi-directional Quill Vet sutures

Canine midline closure after Mast Cell Tumor removal with Quill Vet sutures.

How Quill Veterinary works

Quill Vet uni-directional suturing technique

Needle Performance

Corza Medical has been at the forefront of automation in needle manufacturing, with German-designed robotics delivering unmatched consistency. For over 20 years, our needles have been engineered for strength, sharpness, and ductility providing consistency with each pass.

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Quill Veterinary Packaging

Quill Veterinary packaging simplifies device delivery to the sterile field.

  • Reduces suture memory
  • Protects barbs
  • Easy needle arming
  • Clear identification
  • Single foil barrier eliminates packaging waste
  • Recyclable polypropylene tray

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