Cardiovascular Surgery

Few procedural areas demand the same degree of performance and reliability as cardiovascular surgery. From CABG to valve replacements, surgeons depend on needles and sutures for successful outcomes. Our Sharpoint™ portfolio of cardiovascular needles blend the optimal combination of materials, geometries, coatings and finishing work to provide surgeons a solution that lets them focus on the patient, not the suture.

Choose Excellence,
Expect Value

  • Needles forged from an alloy of iron, nickel and chromium to deliver strength, ductility and hardness
  • Finished with a proprietary process and multi-layer silicone coating
  • Precision point geometry reduces penetration force and enables penetration of calcified tissue
  • Small needle to suture diameter ratio, reducing the risk of leakage at needle tract
  • Available with polypropylene monofilament and coated braided polyester
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