Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the Transition of
Surgical Specialties to Corza Medical

What is being announced/changed?

We are formalizing the launch of Corza Medical, a new, Massachusetts-based medical device company. Corza Medical has been formed by uniting Surgical Specialties Corporation, a best-in-class medical device manufacturer of wound closure products and specialty surgical tools with the TachoSil hemostatic patch device from Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The combination has created a leading provider of advanced surgical products and technologies.

Will there be any changes for customers?

For now, there are no changes regarding how customers interact with our company or how they order our products. Customers should continue to work with their Surgical Specialties contacts and through their current processes. If there are any transitions over the coming months, Corza Medical will ensure that changes will be seamless, and with little to no disruption.

Will my sales contact remain the same?

Yes, your sales representative at Surgical Specialties will not be changing. If your contact does change, Corza Medical will ensure all communications to your new Corza Medical sales representative will be seamless and they will be able to answer any and all questions to ensure the highest levels of customer service.

I order Surgical Specialties products from a distributor. Will that change?

No this will not change. Our distributor partners will continue to support the sales and service for all Surgical Specialties products. If you are currently ordering our products from a local distributor, please continue to order as you have ordered historically. Going forward we will work closely with our distribution partners to ensure that together we provide exceptional service to customers.

I did not have a dedicated Surgical Specialties representative. Who do I contact now?

If you do not have a Surgical Specialties sales representative or need more information about who to work with at Corza Medical, our customer service organization is available to answer any customer inquiries. Please email and someone from our team will answer within 24 hours.

I am an OEM (Pearsalls, FSSB, Unique Technologies, SSC360) or private label customer. Will Surgical Specialties continue to provide OEM and private label products and services?

Yes, Surgical Specialties will absolutely continue to support and invest in our OEM and private label solutions. You can continue to work with your current representative for sourcing individual components or complete, customized devices. Corza Medical will continue to offer our trusted end-to-end surgical needle and suture material solution solutions to global medical device companies.

Will there be any changes with Customer Service?

Our current Surgical Specialties customer service personnel and phone numbers will remain the same; we will however be using our parent company name, Corza Medical. There will be no changes with the ordering process. If there are any changes in the future, Corza Medical will roll-out a comprehensive plan to ensure that there is no disruption in customer service.

Will there be any changes to the way customers make payments?

For the foreseeable future, there will not be any changes in the way customers place orders or make payments, although you will likely see a new logo on your invoices reflecting Surgical Specialties, a Corza Medical Company. We will continue to engage with you on any upcoming changes and provide you with detailed information related to transactional processes such as purchasing and invoicing as necessary.

Are you making any changes to your current legal entities or legal manufacturer designations?

No, we are not making any changes to the legal manufacturer of your products or the legal entities which you purchase from – they are now part of the larger Corza Medical.

How can I find out more about Corza Medical or Surgical Specialties products and where I can order them?

To find out more about Corza Medical or Surgical Specialties please visit us at or or contact us at or Availability of products may vary based on country, but all inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Who will lead Corza Medical/Surgical Specialties going forward?

Dan Croteau, the CEO for Surgical Specialties for the last three years, has been appointed as the CEO of Corza Medical, so there is no change in leadership. Dan brings over 30 years of leadership experience to Corza Medical, with the last 21 years in executive leadership roles in the medical device industry. He is tasked with building the Corza Medical team to support growth across the advanced surgical products and technologies market. Feel free to reach out to Dan at any time to provide feedback on how we are doing to support you.

For all other questions or to get additional information please feel free to contact Corza Medical at